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Digital ID Card Printers, PVC ID Cards, & Laminating Machines in New York City

Rely on Excel Laminating & Photo ID Systems in New York City, for high-quality digital ID card printers, PVC ID cards, and laminating machines. We have everything you need to create durable and professional-looking ID cards.

Digital ID Card Printers
Excel Laminating & Photo ID Systems offers a variety of digital ID card printers, PVC ID cards, photo ID cards for schools, commercial and industrial use at discount prices. Now you can print your own premium access-control cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, student ID cards, special event cards, and gift cards. Choose from printers  manufactured by suppliers such as Zebra®, Fargo®, Data Card®, Nisca®, and Magicard®. All printers carry a manufacturer's warranty.

Photo ID Software
We have a variety of ID software systems to choose from including:
Assure ID Express
     • Assure ID Enterprise 

College Digital ID Card Printers in New York, NY


Temp Badge ID
       • Visitor Labels
       • Temp Badges

        • Badge ID
       • Surveillance

Automatic Hands Free Commercial Shredders
       • Swingline Stack and Shred

Products for Nurseries and Garden Centers
Laminate your signs beautifully with our weather proof and durable laminating pouches.

Color Ribbons
We also stock a variety of color ribbon spools for our digital ID card printers. Choose the colors you need to print your customized ID cards.

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Nurseries and Garden Centers in New York,NY

PVC 30 Mil. Cards
To fully customize your cards, select from our wide variety of 30 mil. PVC cards. They are available plain, with a magnetic stripe, or with bar codes. They also come in a variety of colors including white, red, and orange to allow you to make custom ID cards.

Laminating Machines
We offer two types of laminating machines. Our roll laminators can be used for school, commercial, and industrial roll laminating. We also stock pouch laminators. If your laminating machine ever needs service, we are happy to repair it for you.

Laminating Plastic
When you need roll-laminating plastic and pouch-laminating plastic of any size and thickness, you can find it here. Also, ask us to assist you with creating a holographic design on your pouches.

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